Advanced Cancer Treatment

Advanced cancer means cancer that has spread from its original site to other places in the body. Today there are many ways to treat advanced cancer that add years of life with excellent quality. Some strategies control local tumor sites while tumors are small. Other strategies are systemic, attacking cancer cells anywhere in the body, with drugs, chemotherapy and immunotherapies. Today, cancer is increasingly viewed as a chronic disease that periodically needs intervention. Patients are now living for many years, even decades, with advanced cancer.

  • Local/regional treatments destroy tumors using minimally invasive technologies or surgical removal
  • Medical management uses drugs, hormones or immunotherapies to halt the progress of cancer; in some cases, cancer goes into remission for years
  • Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells either through a local application or systemically
  • Gene therapies are new approaches to controlling cancer
  • Clinical trials are available in which patients receive experimental, no-cost drugs or treatments as part of a study