daVinci Robotic Prostatectomy

Robotic Surgery

​Radical prostatectomy is the gold standard surgical option for localized prostate cancer. During this procedure, the entire prostate is removed along with the seminal vesicles and surrounding lymph nodes to ensure that all of the cancer has been removed. Most radical prostatectomy cases are now performed with the assistance of the daVinci Robotic Surgical System which offers a minimally invasive approach with only several tiny incisions rather than a large incision in the lower abdomen. The daVinci prostatectomy allows for a faster recovery and fewer side effects than traditional open surgery so patients get back to their normal routine as quickly as possible. Most patients can go home the next day and resume full activities in as little as 3 weeks. The improved visualization offered by robotic surgery also minimizes the most concerning side effects of prostatectomy including urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. The prostate cancer specialists at Associated Urological Specialists have performed thousands of daVinci Prostatectomy procedures.

RALP incision comparison