Before your visit

Patient Forms

We want to make your visit as easy and convenient as possible.  Patients can download forms required prior to their office visit on this section. All forms can be filled out directly onto a downloadable form and once completed, you may print them, sign any documents that require your signature and bring with you on your scheduled appointment.

Patient information form

The following forms and corresponding instructions have been provided for your convenience. Please note that these forms may not be the appropriate forms for all patients in all circumstances.

Clinical forms

Patients can fill out and complete these forms prior to your office visit. For questions regarding these forms, please contact your AUS CARE Team at the office where you will have your appointment.

Patient Allergies
Past Urological History
Diagnostic Center Form
Patient Medical History

Instruction Forms

Patients may be instructed by their AUS Physician to go for a procedure or test. If there is a specific form that you need, please reach out to your AUS Physician's office location so you may be provided any additional instructional forms prior to your visit.

Prep instructions for CT Scan Patients

Pharmacy Assistance


AUS is  now offering in-house dispensary services for certain urological and oncolytic drugs to our patients.  Our aim is to provide a more personalized care where our physicians can directly monitor your treatment.

If you have would like to know more about this service or require a refill on a current prescription, please feel free to call our AUS In-House Dispensary patient service line at 708-361-4655.



Free seminars



AUS will be providing seminars and support groups in the future to patients and their family members. Please visit this page again to view what seminars and support groups are available or fill out a request form below.

Request form

Patient Billing Liason


Billing Inquiries

For any billing inquiries, you may call our Billing Partners at (708) 336-7700.

contact us

Insurance companies

*List of insurance carriers provided above are for information purposes and may be subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, AUS makes no guarantees of any kind and certain carrier plans may be excluded on this list. Our AUS associates are available anytime to speak with you should you wish to verify if your insurance is accepted in our facilities.