Telehealth Appointments Now Available at AUS.

Telehealth appointments at AUS

The health and safety of all our patients, physicians and staff is paramount. In our relentless effort to keep all of us out of the ER and away from the hospitals, Associated Urological Specialists (AUS) are now offering Telehealth appointments. These virtual, online doctor visits are done over your phone, tablet or computer without ever leaving your home. They allow all our physicians and medical providers to safely deliver convenient care to you. And Telehealth appointments are covered by insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Safe, Secure and Private

Telehealth appointment requests are available on the website. Simply click the ‘schedule appointment’ links at the top of every page, then fill out and submit the request form. We will call you back and guide you through the entire process.

Telehealth appointments can be made to change an existing appointment or to schedule a new appointment all together. And our Telehealth appointments are available for all our AUS providers including:

Berger, Aaron M.D.
Ewa Blachowicz MSN, APN-BC
Chavin, Grant M.D.
Defranco, John M.D.
Drozd, Stefanie APN
Dugan, Kelly APN
Farley, Keitha NP
Ginde, Jayant M.D., F.A.C.R.O.
Herzog, Michael M.D.
Kang, Jason M.D.
Kim, Jae M.D.
Lyon, Mark M.D.
Mancini, Antonio D.O.
Oguejiofor, Ikechukwu M.D.
Patel, Rajesh M.D.
Pierpaoli, Steven M.D.
Raminski, David D.O.
Shah, Arpeet M.D.
Sreckovic, George M.D.
Steinberg, Jay M.D.
Sylora, James M.D.
Turk, Charles D.O.
User, Herbert M.D.