Advanced Prostate Cancer Center

What is the Advanced Prostate Cancer Center

Our Advanced Prostate Cancer Center (APCC) offers cutting edge treatment for patients with more advanced or more aggressive prostate cancer.  This includes patients who are diagnosed with more aggressive variants or prostate cancer of those who have metastasis to other areas (typically bone or lymph nodes) at the time of diagnosis.  We also provide advanced therapeutic options for patients who have previously been treated for their prostate cancer but the cancer has now returned and may be spreading.  Our goal is to keep the cancer in remission for as long as possible all while maintaining a high quality of life.  The treatment options for advanced or metastatic prostate cancer can get confusing and new treatments are coming out every year so our team strives to make understanding all the options as easy as possible.  In treating advanced prostate cancer, we utilize multiple different treatment modalities.

Bone Health:

In addition to treating the prostate cancer, we are also very aggressive in making sure patients have optimal bone health.  Many treatments for prostate cancer can weaken the bones and prostate cancer often spread to bone so making sure we keep the bones strong and healthy will minimize the risk of fracture.

Treatment Options:

  • Local therapy: Surgical removal of the prostate or radiation treatment to the prostate will destroy the primary tumor and pelvic radiation can also treat the surrounding lymph nodes
  • Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT): Medications given to reduce the production of testosterone which is the primary driver of prostate cancer growth (examples: Lupron, Eligard, Firmagon)
  • Oral oncolytics: Oral medications used in combination with the hormone treatments to block the growth of prostate cancer anywhere in the body.   (examples: Xtandi, Erleada, Nubeqa, Zytiga)
  • Immunotherapy:  Provenge is an immunotherapy for prostate cancer that utilizes the body's immune system to combat the prostate cancer once the cancer has spread outside the prostate.
  • Chemotherapy:  Some patients with aggressive or metastatic prostate cancer do require chemotherapy.  In these cases, we work closely with our medical oncology colleagues to make sure patients are seen quickly.
  • IV Radiation:  When prostate cancer has spread to multiple areas of the bone, this can have a significant impact on quality of life and prognosis.  Xofigo (Radium-223) is utilized for patients with multiple bone metastasis to alleviate symptoms and improve survival.

Genetic Testing:

In addition to treating a patient's advanced prostate cancer, we also offer all our patients genetic testing.  Multiple genes have been associated with aggressive or metastatic prostate cancer and some of these genes can be passed down through generations which are known as germline mutation.  This can increase risk of prostate cancer for men in the family and breast or ovarian cancer for women in the family.  There are also some new treatments available for prostate cancer depending on the presence of certain genes.