MRI/Ultrasound Fusion Imaging: The Future Is Now

Detecting possible prostate cancer

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is changing the way prostate cancer is identified before a biopsy. Two technological improvements make it possible for MRI to detect suspicious areas in a prostate gland.First, the new magnets are more powerful.

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Excellence in Personalized Care at Associated Urological Specialists.

Welcome to Associated Urologic Specialists, where we aim to treat you like family.

We live in a new medical age in which you, our patient, know better than ever before that you have choices. You can and do actively seek medical and surgical care that comes with two important qualities:

Excellence based in proven experience and results, and
Doctors with the knowledge and compassion needed to personalize treatment to your unique needs.

Nowhere are these two qualities more in demand than in Urology. First, urologists are trained as surgeons, but they must also know internal medicine, oncology (cancer treatments), pharmacology and other specialties because of the wide range of problems patients bring to us.

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Give Your Prostate (or Your Man’s Prostate) A Father’s Day Gift

Testosterone. Watermelon. Working out. Statin drugs. Green tea. What do these have in common? The answer is: prostate health. June 13-19 is National Men’s Health Week, culminating in Father’s Day. It’s a great time for a few pointers on prostate health. That walnut-sized gland tucked away in the pelvic bed plays a key role in…

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PSA and What You Should Know About It by Dr. Mark Lyon

All of our urologists at Associated Urological Specialists have noticed an increased confusion about PSA screening, and what the PSA blood test can and can’t do. Ever since the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a Government panel, recommended against broad screening in 2012, many men wonder whether or not they should have this test. “Doctor,…

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Radiation Therapy Testimonial From A Prostate Cancer Survivor

AUS recently received a heartwarming letter from Mr. Helmut Stefan, a prostate cancer survivor.  Helmut was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the summer of 2014 and underwent Radiation Therapy at the AUS Center for Prostate Cancer.  During his treatment, he  kept a journal documenting his patient experience and later published a book called “The Full Bladder Club”.  Two years later, he is…

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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: The Prostate Biopsy

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: The Prostate Biopsy By Dr. Steve Pierpaoli & Dr. David Raminski At Associated Urological Specialists, we often see patients who are concerned because they have a family history of prostate cancer, or a routine blood test came back suspicious for prostate cancer. They ask, “How can I know if I have cancer…

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