Excellence in Personalized Care at Associated Urological Specialists.

Welcome to Associated Urological Specialists (AUS), where we aim to treat you like family.

We live in a new medical age in which you, our patient, know better than ever before that you have choices. You can and do actively seek medical and surgical care that comes with two important qualities:

  • Excellence based in proven experience and results, and
  • Doctors with the knowledge and compassion needed to personalize treatment to your unique needs.

Nowhere are these two qualities more in demand than in Urology. First, urologists are trained as surgeons, but they must also know internal medicine, oncology (cancer treatments), pharmacology and other specialties because of the wide range of problems patients bring to us.

Second, urologists deal with conditions that affect a person’s self esteem and sense of modesty. We treat the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Offering healthcare services for these body areas requires that we bring personal sensitivity to our customized individual urologic care.

“If you provide the best quality service, the rest follows.”

Associated Urological Specialists began eight years ago when six small practice groups decided to merge. Our former President, Dr. James Sylora, emphasized the importance of hand-selecting groups with the same philosophy of care and best quality work. For us, that comes down to integrating three guiding principles:

  • Provide excellent care
  • Offer all treatment options
  • Treat patients like family

Today, our team includes 16 urologists (and growing) who embrace those principles. We proudly serve Chicago’s south and southwest sides and suburbs at our well situated locations.

Excellence of care

Personalized care means giving each patient the very best treatment available. Urologists are among the first specialists to embrace technological advances. This includes diagnostic services, minimal-to-noninvasive procedures, state of the art imaging and radiation therapy, experience with pharmacologic-based interventions, and attention to holistic needs such as nutrition. Our doctors are competitive with university-level physicians. They are as committed to professional growth as they are to our teamwork.

All treatment options

Personalized care means access to all treatment options. Because we are a large practice, our doctors are able to excel in individual specialties for our male and female patients.

If needed, we are able to refer patients within our own practice to another doctor with a particular expertise that can benefit the patient. In this way, patients have access to a full suite of specialists for full service care. We are proud that we currently have our own CT and bone density scanners, our own pathology lab for diagnostic services, and our own radiation oncologist on staff for our IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy). For prostate cancer, we have top robotic surgeons on our team and an experienced cryosurgeon (freezing).

Treat patients like family

Personalized care means getting to know YOU as a person. While we are going to deliver the best possible care for your body, we want to understand your needs and preferences on all levels. For example, a man diagnosed with early stage, low-risk prostate cancer has a range of options. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to treatment, because so many other factors besides their clinical numbers go into the right decision. These include lifestyle, personal relationship, work commitments, psychological needs, etc. We ask ourselves, “If this person were a family member, how would I want to be of service?” It doesn’t get more personalized than that.

In the works

We are actively developing three exciting programs that will shortly become fully implemented.

  1. Multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) of the prostate – This revolutionary imaging is changing the
    prostate cancer landscape. Clinical studies have demonstrated its ability to depict the location, size and shape of suspicious areas. Once this is accomplished, a special image-guided biopsy can target that area, with the dual advantage of minimal biopsy needles yet the greatest diagnostic accuracy. An added benefit is the potential to offer image-guided focal treatment for prostate tumors. The early clinical studies are very promising, and as the data matures, we will be positioned to offer focal treatment to appropriate patients.
  2. Men’s Health Center – For years we’ve been working with men and their sexual health. Soon we will have a full service center that includes not just medical and surgical solutions, but also hormonal and holistic resources to optimize performance and well-being.
  3. Advanced Prostate Cancer Center – A very small percentage of prostate cancer patients will have a type of prostate cancer that spreads to other body parts. Today, we know that there are excellent treatments to curtail its progression and manage it like a chronic disease. Given our ability to specialize in this area, we are dedicating staff and facilities for advanced disease.

We go the extra mile for our patients in order to provide top-shelf urology. No one does it better than Associated Urological Specialists.

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