Three 2023 Fellow Awards for Associated Urological Specialists

Fellow Awards 2023
Fellow Awards 2023 for Associated Urological Specialists

Every year the diagnostic lab Fellow analyzes patient compliance and satisfaction at over 1,500 clinics utilizing their mail-in semen analysis testing services. Associated Urological Specialists was one of less than 20 clinics nationwide recognized in three categories for 2023.

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Berger and the team at Associated Urological Specialists for earning the 2023 Fellow awards for vasectomy testing compliance, innovation in vasectomy, and excellent customer service. This recognition underscores this clinic’s expertise and dedication in the fields of urology, fertility, and semen analysis.

Compliance Award:

Given for excellence in post-vasectomy semen analysis compliance of 80% or greater. Historically, compliance rates for post-vasectomy testing have been less than 50%, even though American Urological Association guidelines require testing. AUS has improved compliance through excellent patient education and the adoption of Fellow to give patients a convenient option to test.

Customer Service Award:

This award was given for phenomenal patient satisfaction based on Net Promoter Scores (NPS) associated with Great or Excellent service. AUS’s top priority is patient experience and wants to ensure patients can access vasectomy care with ease.

Innovator Award:

Given for Associated Urological Specialists’ commitment to modernizing post-vasectomy semen analysis. AUS has developed a standard of care for all patients to ensure the best patient experience combined with stellar quality of care.

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Fellow’s CLIA-certified diagnostics lab combines the ease of a mail-in semen analysis with peer-reviewed clinical performance to provide reliable results in less than 2 business days.

Associated Urological Specialists

Associated Urological Specialists (AUS) is a unified group of Urologists and related specialists committed to providing comprehensive urological care to patients and their families around southwest Chicago and northwest Indiana. AUS has placed a tremendous emphasis on bringing together a highly dedicated and skilled set of Board-Certified professionals, equipped with the latest state of the art tools and techniques, to deliver a full range of urological care.